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Rio Outbound Short WF10F/I Review

So I finally got a 10wt line for my 10 wt Redington Vapen Red. A sensible thing to do. The line is a Rio Outbound Short WF10F/I (in the coldwater formulation) that has a 12ft clear intermediate tip in front of  the white floating head and light minty green running line. Factory welded loops at both ends. After my my over-lining fiasco (with a 12wt Airflo wind crusher) it was with a sense of keen anticipation that I wound the new line onto the Sage 4210 reel. I quickly threaded the line through the rod rings and headed over to the local school field to learn how good the line was.

I wont beat about the bush: it took a few minutes getting used to the short head, and the other characteristic which is common to fly lines with dual densities,  the front taper has a bit of a kick. Once the introductions were over it was time to see how far this canon could shoot. After a few warm ups I gave it my best shot: it not the prettiest cast, with a slight breeze from my left,  but it flew and pulled the line out until the backing knot was at the first stripping guide. That was 96 of 100 feet of line out of the rod tip. A personal best. I am a happy swoffer: my dream combo is finally all together and can send a fly further than I’ve been able to do before.

The line itself is very nice: my concern was that the cold water formulation would result in wiry  handling but instead it is seductively supple and smooth even in the cold of a July evening. The real test will be in the water on a cold winter dawn.

There’s nothing like new tackle to pump that urge to go fishing! Time to point this outfit at some water, preferably with fish in it, and get it into fish fighting mode.



Swoffing Noir: The Wade

As the tide ebbs the angler must move to new water to continue the pursuit …


Another Manukau Morning

An early morning start on an ebbing tide on the Manukau Harbour … perfect weather, glassy water.
IMG_0001wAn environment that just screams “fishy”


The usual mullet were less abundant than previously. Spotting fish activity was a challenge in the bright low angled light.


Sometimes you just have to enjoy what the day gives you!

IMG_0042wUltimately any time spent fishing is good time!

Saturday Morning Kahawai

As so many others have said:  where would Kiwi swoffing be without these ubiquitous, feisty fish?


This fellow was charging around the side of a tidal flow and provided a nice sight fishing hookup.



Thursday Evening Session

That’s the great thing about suburban swoffing. Get home, change clothes and grab the fishing tackle and head to the local beach. High tide was ebbing so the channels will be flowing and the fish will be sitting in the outflow expecting easy pickings to float their way. The day was pure summer – calm water, faint westerly and warm water – perfect ingredients to chase predators in shallow water. My 5 weight outfit was an appropriate to the scale of the likely kahawai or snapper to be encountered. A size 6 Interceptor fly adorned a  2 meter length of 10kg leader.  Later changed to a smaller fly as the water shallowed and the current faded. To sweeten my chances of success some frozen pilchards came along as appetizers.

And over the next 3 hours I hooked about 30 fish, shared pretty evenly between kahawai up to 35cm and my first keeper snapper of 30cm. Since my camera had a memory card error no action pictures accompany this article, but my iPod got its chance to do the home-coming pictures.

IMG_0311w IMG_0309w IMG_0301w IMG_0294w IMG_0289w IMG_0274w IMG_0270w



Eye to Eye

A snapper on a green over white Clouser

A Meola Reef snapper on a green over white clouser – with a very battered fly line!


Snapper Swoffing

Snapper Swoffing

Snapper swoffing in shallow water