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Summer Snapper in the Shallows

First time out with the Nemisis it scored within ten minutes on my first upper harbour snapper. Not a bad start for the rod and for the season. Casts nicely and great sensitivity feeling the Worthington Worm bounce its way across the cockle shells.




Meet my Nemisis

I have met my Nemesis – and so far I’m enjoying the experience!

An Airflo Nemisis fly rod, that is, a 9ft 7 weight 4piece rod to replace the light saltwater duties that have been ably carried out by my twenty year old Composite Developments IM7Plus rod. The Nemesis is a range designed and made for Manic Tackle Project for the New Zealand market.

I have a gallery of detail shots below to show it in all its shiny newness, even the cork plastic is still in place. The green blank has a lustrous depth of colour. A quick flick with my Cortland 444 line confirmed the fast precise action was there that I wanted for my estuary work.

For an under $300 rod it is well presented, and even comes with an extra tip section. The only slight quibble is that I would have preferred a double locking reel seat, but my CD rod had a single locking ring and I never had a reel fall off. First world problems …  now time to get a fish on it. Who knows, over Christmas holidays I’ll take it south and see if I can extract a trout from the Rangitikei River with it!