Saltwater fly fishing around Auckland



Bio: Committed swoffer with the aim to explore and share the challenges and potential of land based saltwater fly fishing in the Auckland area, in New Zealand. And beyond. And even freshwater, if I have a current license. I have been writing about fishing since I was 18 and have been published in NZ Outdoors, NZ Fisherman, NZ Fishing News and FlyLife magazines. My photos have been used for advertising for Sage fly rods and Rio fly lines.

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  1. Brian

    Hi mate from across the ditch. I consider nz my second home even while I remain a devoted Queenslander. My BIL lives at Makatu, and we visit the North Island frequently.
    This year my ever loving wife and I are escaping the summer heat for a couple of months and spending most of December around Doubtful bay staying in a couple of baches there.
    I will be land based fly fishing, and she sits in the shade and dreams.
    May I ask your opinion on suitable boots for the area. I usually buy cheap k mart gym boots and throw them away before I go home–to wear with waders for fishing for trout, but Im assuming I need something more sturdy for the rocky beaches I see you fishing form. I also wondered about the slipperiness and if you use studs for the rock ledges/
    Im over 60 now and while I’m comfortably active, I don’t trust my safety in perilous situations anymore–if that helps with your response.
    Thank you in anticipation
    warm regardsBrian

    August 17, 2015 at 1:14 am

    • Hi Brian,
      Personally I have not fished the area, but from a look at various photos of the rock ledges they look very much like ones up in the Bay of Islands. My experience is something with grippy rubber soled tramping boots – probably you can pick up locally ( $40-$60) from a place like the Warehouse. Should be fine unless you encounter algae or slimy stuff. If you are crucnhing on oysters then anything will get sliced or slashed eventually, so cheap is the way to go. I’ve never used studs but for weedy areas that probably would be best. I have found after a few falls and scrapes that you have to really concentrate on where you place your feet and what is underfoot- loose rocks, odd angles , slippery surfaces etc.
      Another thing is to choose places that offer enough potential so that you stick to one place for a while rather than wandering around constantly which has more risk of slips and spills.
      Hope that helps , and best of luck for your fishing!

      August 17, 2015 at 8:09 am

      • Brian

        HI Mark,
        Thank you for your prompt reply and your useful information. I can bring flats wading boots that Ive used in CXI and I can pick up a pair of $20 boots from K mart that I can throw away after the holiday.
        Thanks again for your help

        August 17, 2015 at 9:39 am

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