Saltwater fly fishing around Auckland

Autumn Snapper in the shallows

The summer season of 2016-2017 was a bit of a non event for most swoffers around Auckland. The seemingly endless easterly “breezes” delayed the water warming and didn’t help water clarity by stirring up silt in the shallows most of the time. There were a few windows of opportunity, usually around dawn when the wind dropped off for a few hours before returning to ruin the scene.

However managed to get down into the water on the ebb tide in the Waitemata Harbour, calm water and barely a puff of wind – sort of like a very late summer day.

Long story short, after missing the first dozen or so strikes, I finally got the mojo in order and started hooking a steady succession of snapper, one legal size and few close to, while the rest were well off the pace. But all were fun and appreciated!


Yes that water ended up on the camera lens …

IMG_0194IMG_0192IMG_0191IMG_0177IMG_0173IMG_0154OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_0236IMG_0239IMG_0229




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