Saltwater fly fishing around Auckland

Rainy Day Kahawai

A lot of people will remember Sunday 12 March 2017 as it will appear on thousands of insurance claims for water damage. I awoke Sunday morning to find the weather that morning had calmed down from the rain and wind of Saturday. I dashed down to my local fishing spot in time to catch the high tide – to find the water mostly clear – and within three casts – to be containing kahawai.  A small one of 30cm sturdily resisted but the 10 weight Redington Vapen dragged it ashore to pose before being returned.


A second hookup followed in another few casts – this one was definitely bigger and took to the air in two quick jumps – and threw the hook.

But there was more rain predicted and it came across the harbour, the North Shore blotted out by the oncoming rain, and the motorway to the south almost disappearing from sight as the rain poured down on me.


The rain cleared and I worked the water near the mangroves, hooking another small kahawai before it was time to get home.

A good way to start the day.






One response

  1. GaryNZ

    You may want to edit the date to March

    cheers Gary

    March 12, 2017 at 1:50 pm

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