Saltwater fly fishing around Auckland

A Manukau Experience: Catching the Misty Mood

It’s been a while since my friend Alan Bulmer and I had been fishing so we met up at a favourite location around dawn on Saturday morning. The wind speed was zero – as was the visibility of the horizon at times. In winter the metabolic rate of the fish slows down and they tend to feed in concentrated bursts rather than continually on the prowl. Given the cool temperature, poor visibility and lack of visible baitfish this did not pan out to be a busy day for fishy predators or fishermen.

But then that’s why you bring a camera along the catch images that people tucked up in bed would not get the experience.

P7251286wStarting choice fly but was claimed by a snag too deep to wade out to … so changed to something a bit different with more silhouette in the low visibility conditions.


No problems with water clarity – superb!


From a photographic perspective, the mist served as a wonderfully diffuse background to isolate the subject … even if they were spinning sometimes rather than fly tossing. The falling tide exposing more and more interesting structure.



P7251406w P7251402w


But then the fly rod’s call reasserted itself to make for a truely contemplative composition …




On the final walk back, another fisherman was waiting patiently for his opportunity to make a catch.








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